We offer the finest alterations and tailoring service in Hampshire

Whether you need alterations, repairs or re-styles you need to have complete confidence in who you choose. With over 40 years combined experience and an established reputation for our high quality work. We are the south coast’s foremost experts, specialising in all areas of alterations including specialist bridal and bespoke tailoring.

We understand just how important it is that your wedding dress is fitted perfectly, after all your wedding day is the most important and memorable day of your life. It should not only reflect who you are as a person, but also flatter your figure and fit in all the right places.

All of our alterations are carried out in store, nothing is ever sent away

We work closely with our clients to ensure absolute perfection with the work we complete for them.

During peak season and busy periods we can get booked up quite quickly. We recommend that our clients make their initial fitting appointments with us approximately 3 months before their wedding date. Final fittings can be booked in advance much closer to the big day. Depending on the amount of work to be done, it is always a good to allow more time.

Prices for alterations vary greatly depending on the garment and the alterations needed. Our price lists have been compiled fairly but we can still only offer a rough guide without seeing the garment first hand.

We do offer express alterations with approximate turnaround of 24-48 hours for those in desperate need. Please appreciate these do incur an additional fee.

What if I did not buy my dress from you?

If you bought your dress and garments elsewhere you can still take advantage of our specialist alteration service. We will be happy to offer you a quote at the end of your appointment for the work to be done, without any obligation.

Use the contact form below and get in touch to book yourself a consultation.